Captain Sage A Hoe-Aura Cleansing Spray 2 oz

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Clear away negative energy and renew yourself with our Lavender and Sage Smudge Spray. Sage is strongly cleansing and whisk away any lingering feelings of stress, negative energy or fatigue. Lavender has been used for centuries as a potent relaxant to calm the body and mind.

  • PURIFY, SOOTHE AND RELAX: Give yourself a spritz, take a deep breath and melt away the stress of the day. Cleanse yourself and your space of negative energy.
  • PURE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Pure essential oils of lavender, sage and cedar produce a clean, refreshing scent that will lift your spirits an awaken your senses.
  • SMOKELESS AND CONVENIENT: Use it anywhere, anytime. Perfect for home, work or school. A great alternative to burning sage.
  • HANDMADE WITH LOVE- Rose Quartz Crystal in every spray

Directions- Mist this refreshing essential oil spray to clear energy, enhanced sacred, space, or prepare a work room for intuitive healing. Shake well before using.

Full Ingredient List:
purified water, witch hazel, lavender and essential oils. Energized by quartz crystals.

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